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Purchasing the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)? Here are some tips and comparisons...

Are you purchasing the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)? We have been using our iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and it's very nice! Here are a few points we've found in using the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation.

Compared to the original Apple Pencil, the Apple Pencil 2 is a bit shorter since there is no need for the lightning connector. This doesn't hurt usability, as it it still about the same length as a standard colored pencil, so it feels nice to draw with. It has a matte finish that makes it feel a bit grippier and it's lighter, so that helps with long days of drawing. 

Apple Pencil 2 is so much easier to charge now by using the magnet, however the magnet does not offer enough support to keep it secure to your device when you're on the go. The Stylus Sling for Apple Pencil is the perfect solution for this problem and it fits the new Smart Keyboard Folio and Smart Folio perfectly! There are many times when putting the iPad Pro 2018 into a bag or backpack and the Apple Pencil 2 gets dislodged or knocked and falls off the magnet. We have also seen how it can come loose from the magnet when you grab the iPad Pro on the side where the Apple Pencil 2 is attached. This becomes annoying, so using the Stylus Sling re-positions the Apple Pencil 2 on to the cover. The Stylus Sling just helps to keep it secure, so it won't get lost. It would be expensive to replace, too, as the cost of the new Apple Pencil went up $129.

Apple Pencil 2 Apple Pencil can fall off magnet if knocked Apple Pencil with Stylus Sling

We tested the Stylus Sling for Apple Pencil (12.9-inch and 11-inch) and are very happy with the results. Don't risk losing your brand new Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro magnet is good for temporary charging, but a secure pocket is better to keep your new Pencil from getting lost.

In addition to these design and function changes, the Apple Pencil 2 introduces support for gestures. The cool double tap feature allows you to switch between tools in apps that support this gesture. This is very helpful because it allows for quick changes between a pencil and an eraser. 

We love the new Apple Smart Folio and Smart Keyboard, as this is fits cleanly to the new iPad Pro. It protects the back of the iPad Pro as well as covering the front. The Smart Keyboard Folio is better than the last generation, as it doesn't have the slightly confusing folding setup. This makes using it much easier.

One thing to note is Apple Pencil 2 compatibility with iPad Pro (2018) - that is the only device it works with. You can't use the Apple Pencil 2 with an older iPad Pro. More surprising is Apple Pencil 1 can't be used with a new iPad Pro, even if you use a USB C-to-Lightning cable to pair with. 

What do you think of the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)? If you have some comments, leave them for us below.