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Stylus Sling

– Designed and handmade in the USA –

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Designed and Handmade in the USA

We developed the Stylus Sling in late 2015 with a straightforward purpose – to keep the Apple Pencil attached to the iPad Pro. There were no products on the market for this purpose, so the Stylus Sling was born.

We wanted to place the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro cover instead of carrying it around in the box the Apple Pencil came in. It needed to be a slim, clean design and not have a lot of bulkiness – it needed to be aesthetically refined on the iPad Pro.

Started Local, Stayed Local

Once the concept was designed, we worked with local seamstresses to create a superior product made by people who specialize in textile stitching and clothing production. We continue to use our local stitchers to this day, creating every Stylus Sling we make. When we manufacture in the USA, not only are we avoiding long production and transportation times, we’re also investing in our local community of small businesses. It keeps us involved and hands-on throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality products. This was a primary motivation in keeping it local – outsourcing to overseas production facilities isn't how we want to do our manufacturing.

Quality with Every Stitch

Our quality design and durable stitching ensures each Stylus Sling will perform flawlessly. Care is taken on each one, maintaining the highest quality and durability from the first stitch to the last. Using every professional construction technique to create a superior product, our seamstresses are second to none - unmatched by overseas competitors. We take pride in our quality manufacturing and our attention to detail.

We believe that purchasing a high-quality item once is less expensive than having to purchase a poor-quality item two or three times. This also gives us the ability to provide better customer service and warranty service.

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