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    Now available for Bamboo and other styluses

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    The best way to secure your Apple Pencil to iPad Pro

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    Designed and manufactured in the USA

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    Now the Stylus Sling is available in white

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    Keep Apple Pencil attached to iPad Pro

Protects your Apple Pencil and keeps it from getting lost!

  • Stash Your Stylus

    The style is form follows function.

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    Stylus Sling has versions that fit most styluses. See which will fit yours.

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Stylus Sling: The best stylus holder for iPad Pro

Apple Pencil holder, Refined Look

The original Stylus Sling ™ for Apple Pencil is a slim Apple Pencil holder for the entire iPad Pro line, both 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This sleek sling fits your Apple Pencil and slides in effortlessly. Its non-stick elastic repels dust and dirt, along with smooth application to your iPad Pro. It also makes for quick storage.

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Stash Any Stylus

The Stylus Sling has versions for different size styluses – not just the Apple Pencil. Thinner styluses can use the Stylus Sling Standard, while thicker styluses would use the Stylus Sling Wide.

Whether going to meetings or running to the coffee shop, the Stylus Sling keeps your stylus in reach at all times without the chance of snagging it on your jacket pocket!

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Slim design

Form follows function in the Stylus Sling. Fitting Apple Pencil like a glove with no bulky pockets, this Apple Pencil holder protects your stylus while giving easy access. Perfect for on-the-go artists and designers.

Stylish look

The Stylus Sling gives your iPad Pro a refined look without overwhelming it with bulky pockets. The style is form follows function.

USB Accessory holder

Convenient pocket to hold the USB charging accessory for Apple Pencil. It's sized for mimimal impact on overall profile, but keeps adapter available when needed.

Read some reviews about the Stylus Sling:


"My Stylus Sling is such a slim and great holder for my Apple Pencil. I no longer need to use the box the Apple Pencil came in!"


"I needed a better way to carry my Apple Pencil and the Stylus Sling is the best holder for it. This gives the security and protection I wanted, so my Apple Pencil won't get knocked off or damaged."

Every Apple Pencil needs a Stylus Sling

Keep Apple Pencil with it's device, safely and securely. It keeps Apple Pencil from snagging on bags or pockets and easily stores the charging adapter for easy access. No gooey stick-on loop or over-priced, gaudy iPad Pro addornment. Just a slim profile, clean strap to secure Apple Pencil to iPad Pro.