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Perfect Addition Accessory for my iPad Pro

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I struggled with keeping my Apple Pencil safe. I even dropped it once in the parking lot at work and it got run over by a co-worker. I found it, but alas it would not charge and it was toast! Well when I bought a new Apple Pencil I knew I needed to have a better way to secure it. The Stylus Sling did not disappoint! I now feel good that my Apple Pencil will stay with me regardless of where I go! I definitely recommend the Stylus Sling as a must have iPad Pro/Apple Pencil Accessory!

Brooks B., verified buyer
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Designed and Handmade in USA

Our quality design and durable stitching ensures each Stylus Sling will perform flawlessly. Care is taken on each one, maintaining the highest quality and durability from the first stitch to the last. See how we do it...

Stylus Sling is designed and handmade in USA