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Stylus Sling for AirPods
Stylus Sling for AirPods

Stylus Sling for AirPods

Quickly stash your AirPods!

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Secure your Apple AirPods to your iPad or iPad Pro with the Stylus Sling for AirPods. This sleek AirPod holder provides individual pockets for your Apple AirPods, providing easy, quick storage directly on your iPad or iPad Pro. The pockets are sized so you completely contain your AirPods inside. With the conveniently designed pockets, you will always have a place to quickly stash your AirPods.

Since the AirPods hold charge for 5 hours, this is better than potentially losing the case. You still charge in the AirPods case when needed. So keep the charging case on your desk or car for when it's needed – don't accidentally leave it on the coffee shop table!

Its non-stick elastic repels dust and dirt, along with smooth application to your iPad Pro. Whether going into meetings or getting off the bus, the Stylus Sling for AirPods gives you an easy place to store your AirPods and keep them in reach at all times without the chance of losing them! The Stylus Sling for AirPods is a great addition to your iPad or iPad Pro. Designed and handmade in the USA.

The Stylus Sling for AirPods does not replace your charger, but it does provide a convenient place to stash your AirPods for quick storage. 


  • Individual pockets for your Apple AirPods. Attaches to your iPad or iPad Pro cover
  • Fits AirPods safely and securely - providing quick storage and access on your iPad cover
  • Proven elastic pocket design – keeps your AirPods firmly attached
  • Quality materials to ensure a consistent and lasting fit
  • Designed and handmade in the USA