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Collection: Outlet and Production Seconds Collection

Savings on our Production Seconds and Closeout Items

Our Outlet Collection products are sold at discounted prices, making them perfect for anyone looking for a great deal. These are discontinued items or production seconds. We also occasionally have products that have been discontinued from our retail line and are no longer sold.

Our Production Seconds are Stylus Sling products that have very slight imperfections that prevent them from 100% passing our quality control screening. 

Note for Production Second Products:

  • These are only available on
  • Carry a strict 14-day return policy
These are limited quantities – order soon before they are gone!

Outlet and Production Seconds Collection

Get great savings on Production Seconds and Closeout items!
  • Stylus Sling for Apple Pencil Gen 2- Winter White

    Fits any Apple Pencil Gen 2
    Closeout Item

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    Sale price

    Available in White

  • Production Second-Stylus Sling for Apple Pencil
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    Production Seconds

    Minor imperfections gives you significant savings!

    Great discounts on Stylus Sling Production Seconds products. These have slight production imperfections, but gives a significant discount.

    Limited Quantity - Order Soon!

  • BE LIVELY 2 | Rustic cork cross-body bag sized to fit iPad mini - NatalieTherese

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    Sale price

  • Cork Mini Cross Body Bag, Rustic Cork - NatalieTherese Bags

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Savings on our Production Seconds and Closeout Items

Q: What's on sale?
A: Anything with a flaw.

Q: What type of flaws are they? Are they things like wrong sizes?
A: Heck no!

These are minor imperfections like:

  • Label misalignments
  • Stitch color variations
  • Slight wave in elastic (and these stretch out when you put it on your cover)
  • Folds or other seam misalignments

These items maintain stitching integrity, but minor imperfections may be noticed. These are simply aesthetic errors.

Q: What are the Discounts?
A: The discounts are anywhere from 35% off up to 45% off the items.

Q: Can I return them?
A: Yes, but the return window is a strict 14-day policy (from delivery). This is different from our main product return. Customer is responsible for shipping fees on these returns and must contact us for return authorization.

With some slight flaws, your win:
We know that no one or nothing is perfect — so flaws happen. Our Seconds and Production Sales allow us to sell goods already finished, though with slight imperfections, while serving our customers well. It's a win, win!