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The best way to hold your Apple Pencil or stylus to your device!

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"My Stylus Sling is such a slim and great holder for my Apple Pencil. I no longer need to use the box the Apple Pencil came in!"
pull quote photo of Stylus Sling user
"I needed a better way to carry my Apple Pencil and the Stylus Sling is the best holder for it and my iPad Pro. "

Minimal design

Form follows function in the Stylus Sling. Fitting Apple Pencil like a glove, this Apple Pencil holder protects your stylus while giving easy access. Perfect for on-the-go artists and designers.

Stylish look

The Stylus Sling gives your iPad Pro a refined look without overwhelming it with bulky pockets. The style is form follows function.

USB Accessory

Convenient pocket to hold the USB charging accessory for Apple Pencil. It's sized for mimimal impact on overall profile, but keeps adapter available when needed.