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Stylus Sling Custom-sized stylus holder

Custom-sized Stylus Sling!


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Do you have a smaller tablet? Need a custom size for your cover? We can create one for your size cover. The Stylus Sling Standard: Custom is a stylus holder for use with styluses such as Wacom Bamboo, Samsung Galaxy S-Pen, Adonit and Microsoft Surface Pro. This has the same handmade in the USA quality as all Stylus Sling products and can be customized to smaller tablet sizes. As this is custom, shipping may not be same or next day, but most orders are filled within two days. For returns on custom items, we do have a $5 restock fee.

Works with these styluses:

  • Bamboo Solo, Duo, Alpha
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 S-Pen stylus
  • Adonit Dash 2, Pro, Mark, Switch 
  • Platinum and Insignia
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 

    This sleek sling fits your stylus like a glove and slides in effortlessly – providing easy access. The pocket is sized so you grab the stylus when removing – nor will it slide too far into the pocket. Its non-stick elastic repels dust and dirt, along with smooth application to your iPad Pro. It also makes for quick storage. Whether going to meetings or running to the coffee shop, the Stylus Sling Wide keeps your stylus in reach at all times without the chance of snagging the stylus on your jacket pocket or handbag!


    Works for all types of styluses

    Every stylus needs a Stylus Sling

    Keep your stylus with its device, safely and securely. The Stylus Sling keeps your stylus from snagging on bags or pockets and easily stores the charging adapter for easy access. No gooey stick-on loop or over-priced, gaudy iPad Pro adornment. Just a slim profile, clean strap to secure your stylus to your iPad or tablet.

    • Available for either the 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch tablet covers
    • Fits your stylus like a glove and slides in effortlessly - providing quick access
    • Great for keeping your stylus with your device

    designed and handmade in the USA

    Designed and handmade in the USA

    Our quality design and durable stitching ensures each Stylus Sling will perform flawlessly. The Stylus Sling is handmade by seamstresses in the USA. Care is taken on each one, maintaining the highest quality and durability from the first stitch to the last. Using every professional construction technique to create a superior product, our seamstresses are second to none.

    • Using quality materials to ensure a consistent and lasting fit
    • Quality control at every level

    Available in Black and White

    Match your style and iPad or tablet cover/keyboard with either a black or white version of the Stylus Sling. These classic colors always stay in style.

    Stylish look

    The Stylus Sling gives your tablet or iPad a refined look without overwhelming it with bulky pockets. The style is form follows function.

    Stylus holder for all styluses

    Convenient pocket to hold your stylus or Apple Pencil. It's sized for mimimal impact on overall profile, but keeps the stylus available when needed.